Boiler serves as a source of heat and steam for the purpose of energy resources and the needs of other industries, Gikoko offers boiler, the supply of components and maintenance intervals.Boiler is a container that serves as a water heater, combustion heat flowed into the water until the form of hot water or steam. Steam at a certain pressure is then used to drain the heat to a process. Water is a useful and inexpensive medium for delivering heat to a process. If the water boils down to steam, its volume will increase by about 1600 times, producing a power that resembles an explosive gunpowder, so the boiler is a well-managed tool. The fuel used to heat the boiler can be gas, oil and coal.

Boiler is a tool used to produce steam / steam for various purposes. This type of water and water vapor is greatly influenced by the efficiency of the boiler itself. In the boiler machine, the type of water used should be demineralized in advance to sterilize the water used, so that the application to be used as water vapor can be maximized properly.

Heat energy generated in the boiler system has a value of pressure, temperature, and flow rate that determines the utilization of steam to be used. Based on these three things, the boiler system recognizes the conditions of low-pressure (low-pressure / LP), and high-pressure (high pressure / HP), with the difference that the utilization of steam coming out of the boiler system utilized in a process to cook fluid and run a machine (commercial and industrial boilers), or generate electrical energy by converting heat energy into mechanical energy and then turning the generator to produce electrical energy (power boilers). However, there is also a combination of both boiler systems, which utilize high-temperature pressures to generate electrical energy, then the remaining steam from turbines with low-pressure conditions can be utilized into industrial processes. The boiler system consists of feed water systems, steam systems, and fuel systems. The feed water system provides water for the boiler automatically according to the steam requirement.

Various faucets are provided for maintenance and repair of the feed water system, handling of feedwater is required as a form of maintenance to prevent damage from the steam system. The steam system collects and controls steam production in the boiler. Steam is flowed through the piping system to the point of the user. On the whole system, the steam pressure is adjusted using a faucet and monitored by a pressure monitor. The fuel system is all the equipment used to provide fuel to generate the required heat


Absorption chiller makes chilled water through the 4 cycles of “evaporation,” “absorption,” “generation,” and “condensation.” This is eco-friendly air conditioning system that uses water as refrigerant, without using Freon Gas (CFC, HCFC) which might be a cause of Global Warming or Ozone Depletion.
Absorption chiller can use various heat source and there is also Gene-Link that utilizes waste heat from such as gas co-generation system or manufacturing process. It contributes further energy saving and CO2 reduction.Due to its environmental characteristics, absorption chiller is also known as ''natural chiller”