We offer bag filter dust collectors to remove dangerous dust particles from process operator's breathing zones and prevent material loss from silo and transfer belts.Gikoko Dust Collector are installed in ferrous and non ferrous metal smelters, construction materials automotive and musical instrument manufacturers.Special safety features to prevent explosions and heaters to cope with agglomerating dusts are offered.

Dust Collector Is A tool that serves to filter between clean and dirty air in an industry, This tool becomes one of the vacuum cleaner and smoke that is widely used in companies and industries both small and medium large. In industrial processes such as material pouring, welding, sieving flour, material falling process from conveyor to other conveyor, and some other important applications that generate dust and smoke can be absorbed by dust collector machine, the dirty air is filtered and separated between dust and air , dust or smoke enter the shelter whereas the air is discharged out of the factory so that air pollution can be overcome.

In the application, the dust collector machine can be used to clean air from many sources of dust and smoke, by performing a precise calculation of the flowrate capacity required to suck the dust. Dust collector machines that can handle many dust sources are called central dust collector or centralized machines. Besides, there is also a portable dust collector machine to handle air pollution in 1 and 2 dust sources only.

Many variations of dust collectors are used to catch dust and other particulates. Some of the dust collectors are Bag House Collector, Cyclone Dust Collector, Air Washer, Electrostatic Gas Collector and Wet Gas Scrubbers and Cartridge Dust Collector.